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The most beautiful house could pose risks. A house that meets all of your space and decor wants could be structured so that it leaves your car and other vehicles exposed to external dangers. Proof of this has often revealed itself the night of a ravaging storm or the morning after.

Hard weather storms and certain house types may not mix

Many times during or after a hard storm, news reports share stories of how a vehicle was damaged while it was parked in a homeowner's driveway. It almost seems as if storm and damaged car or truck are somehow linked.

Although no house may be able to fully protect a vehicle from getting damaged when a hard weather storm hits, there may be some homes that are better at reducing a vehicle's exposure than other homes. Leading the way might be houses that don't come with a covered garage. Other types of houses or house conditions that may leave vehicles more exposed to damage during weather storms include:

  • Houses surrounded by large trees, particularly large, old trees - Damaged trees may appear to be healthy and strong which is why you might not get the trees inspected or cut the trees away. But, just because trees stand tall and look strong doesn't mean that trees aren't severely decayed. It's these very decayed trees that might fall on your car, truck or even your house should winds really pick up or hail plummet the ground.
  • Houses with loose roof shingles - It's not hard to see how loose roof shingles could slip off the top of a house and slam onto a car, potentially shattering car windows.
  • Loose house awnings - Similar to loose roof shingles, if a house's awnings are loose, they could shake away from the house during a hard storm. Once awnings separate from a house, they could start slapping the top or side of a vehicle.Worse, awnings or pieces of an awning could swing across your property and damage a neighbor's car or truck.
  • Houses built near falling rocks - There's almost nothing that can be done to completely stop falling rocks from breaking loose and damaging nearby property.
  • Houses that are located on steep hills or sharp inclines - These are times when your vehicle could slide down a hill and crash into another vehicle. That or your car or truck could slide down an incline and crash into a ditch.

Protecting the belongings that are inside your home isn't the only goal that you should have when you buy a house. You also want to buy a house that offers protections for your vehicles. You want a house that reduces the likelihood that your car,truck or motorcycle will suffer damage during a hard storm. Although there maybe no house that can offer full protection for your vehicles, there are things you can look for in a house that don't invite damage.